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March 6, 2018
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1 Month Supply of Patches

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H.P. Female Lovers / Menopausal Companion Skin Patches

Many women as they age gracefully have feelings of lassitude and disinterest as a seeming semi-permanent property of their wisdom.

The Herbal Homeopathic products listed on this website are denoted by the prefix H.P. in their label names. All preparations have a Herbal Homeopathic dilution of a minimum of 4X.

Herbal Homeopathic Active Ingredients : Each patch contains equivalent of :

  • Gotu Cola, Damiana, Black Cohosh, Valerian, Skullcap
  • Oat Straw, Ginger, Ashwaganda

  • Source : Wikipedia


    Menopause, also known as the climacteric, is the time in most women's lives when menstrual periods stop permanently, and they are no longer able to bear children.[2][8] Menopause typically occurs between 49 and 52 years of age.[3] Medical professionals often define menopause as having occurred when a woman has not had any vaginal bleeding for a year.[4] It may also be defined by a decrease in hormone production by the ovaries.[9] In those who have had surgery to remove their uterus but still have ovaries, menopause may be considered to have occurred at the time of the surgery or when their hormone levels fell.[9] Following the removal of the uterus, symptoms typically occur earlier, at an average of 45 years of age.[10] In the years before menopause, a woman's periods typically become irregular,[11][12] which means that periods may be longer or shorter in duration or be lighter or heavier in the amount of flow.[11] During this time, women often experience hot flashes; these typically last from 30 seconds to ten minutes and may be associated with shivering, sweating, and reddening of the skin.[11] Hot flashes often stop occurring after a year or two.[8] Other symptoms may include vaginal dryness, trouble sleeping, and mood changes.[11] The severity of symptoms varies between women.[8] While menopause is often thought to be linked to an increase in heart disease, this primarily occurs due to increasing age and does not have a direct relationship with menopause.[8] In some women, problems that were present like endometriosis or painful periods will improve after menopause.[8]

    - The traditional way to heal is slow and steady, and work on all parts of the body as a whole, not just concentrating on one problem.

    - Full instructions for the use of the skin patches are included when the order is mailed to you.

    - Attach one skin patch and wear for 3 days and replace.The skin patches come in sheets of 6. There are 2 sheets in their own sterilized, sealed, clear envelope. A total of 12 patches per packet = 36 days supply.

    - They can be worn under clothing as one goes through daily business.

    - All of our skin patches contain no sugar, chemicals, hormones, or preservatives. Not interfered with, no additives, just a pure herbal product.

    - All of our skin patches are plant based (natural as in from Nature). Get your "Mojo" back naturally by helping your body function at peak performance.

    - The well known experiment of rubbing a clove of garlic on one's heel and almost immediately tasting garlic in one's mouth is clear evidence of the readiness of the human body to positively react to topical treatments of all manner of herbal preparations.

    - Our ingredients are locally sourced, and all our skin patch types are manufactured safely in Australia.

    - All our natural homeopathic skin patch product types are guaranteed at full strength, and made to the highest grade quality.

    - Our skin patches are made from material that are designed for sensitive skin, non-latex and medical grade hypoallergenic adhesive - so the sticking material is not only good for any skin type but is not stuck on like a Band-Aid so ripping it off cause’s no irritation to the skin.

    - Peel the skin patch off the backing paper; press firmly onto clean, dry, oil free skin (no oils or moisturizer on that area). – firmly, place on the lower belly or abdomen away from hair, clothing straps, or where it would be rubbed by clothing. etc. Keep the patch on for 3 days.

    - Remove the old skin patch and throw away and replace with a new skin patch. Place on opposite side of the body to the old one.

    - The skin patch ingredients are time released over a 3 day period (distribution rate of 3 days for each individual skin patch).

    - You can shower and swim with it on, but pat dry, firmly.

    - Our skin patches are supplied to each client in a flat sterile-sealed clear plastic package, colour labeled with printed instructions on the face.

    - All our skin patch types are compatible with each other.

    - Up to 4 different skin patch types can be worn at the same time.

    - All our skin patch types contain no alcohol - so are Halal and Kosher compliant.

    - Free Australia Post Shipping & Free World Wide Shipping Available.

    - Get your "Mojo" back naturally by helping your body function at peak performance.


    For full information about the Herbs listed in all our skin patch types, please use the quick reference links listed below. Information is knowledge.















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