Purchase Legal Nicotine Liquid

chck-tick There is much public "buzz" around the now widespread use of e-cigarettes but most people are surprised to learn that they can't legally buy or import nicotine liquid without a Doctor's Prescription.

chck-tick The good news is that we have access to our specialist compounding pharmacy to provide nicotine legal liquid for use in e-cigarettes and vaping systems which are legally obtainable from many outlets Australia-wide.

chck-tick This has been the missing "x-factor" to allow us all to fully replace tobacco smoking with full-spectrum vaping with a huge selection of novel flavours and, of course, the "x-factor" NICOTINE LIQUID.

chck-tick The legal requirement for a Doctor's Prescription can be met by your own doctor and, if your doctor is willing to provide the prescription, you may upload it directly to our compounding pharmacist who will promptly fulfill your order. If this is not convenient we have our own doctors who will provide the necessary prescription after examining an easy-to-use online questionnaire. The prescription will, after issue, be immediately received by the compounding pharmacist.

chck-tick These days there are a multitude of outlets from which to obtain vaping equipment (including e-cigarettes) but most of them will fail to deliver the full spectrum satisfaction without the inclusion of NICOTINE LEGAL LIQUID, This product is fully compatible with all types of locally available vaping devices and delivers full-spectrum satisfaction to the user as a direct substitute to tobacco smoking.

Disclaimer - Images Displayed are for Website Aesthetics - Actual Product May Differ in Appearance. This product is not listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and the safety and efficacy have not been evaluated by the TGA. Our doctors prescribe this compounded medication due to the fact that there are no alternatives on the ARTG. This medication is compounded in a registered and licensed Australian compounding pharmacy.