The Diet & HCG Patch



Place the HCG Patch on clean and dry skin (no oils or moisturizer on that area). Place on the belly or fatty area away from hair or where it would be rubbed by clothing. Keep the patch on for 4 days. Then remove the old patch and throw away and replace with a new patch. Place on opposite side of the body to the old one.

Note for the 1st week only, wear two patches, on opposite sides of the belly. Replace your patch every four days. e.g. every Monday and Thursday.

Everyone's needs are different. If by day 4 when it's time to change your patch, but you found you were hungry by day 3 then change your patch 3 times a week instead of two. You could also wear two patches a week for the full program, trial what works best for you personally.

OK to wear in the shower or swimming.

Store your spare patches in the envelopes supplied, away from heat, direct sunlight, strong odours, microwaves and computers - so they keep their full potency, this is also important for the patches to keep their adhesive (sticking) quality. Don't refrigerate.


  • Wear two patches, follow the hCG diet. Only wear two patches for the first week.
  • For the next 21 days wear one patch and only eat 500 calories per day - see details below. Note the homeopathic patches will take away your appetite.
  • Stabilization. Two days no patch but still eat 500 calories. Weans you off the hcg.
  • Stabilization. Next 3 weeks no sugar or starches and no patches. This re-sets the hypothalamus and stops you from putting the weight on again. Also stabilizes your weight loss. See detail below.
  • Diet finished, continue to eat normally and sensibly. And have an active lifestyle.


Phase 1: First week only. Wear two patches

This phase is for the hCG to kick in and start working: to take away your appetite and stimulate your metabolism. Place two patches on opposite sides of the belly. Change after four days. Wearing two patches may feel a little stimulating, drink water, rest or walk to balance; the body is adjusting to the new awesome nutrients going into the bloodstream. If too stimulating (rare) only wear one patch.

Phase 2: Low Calorie Diet + Our HCG Patch - 3 weeks

This phase lasts for 21 days. During this phase, you will need to commit to eating a strict diet. Foods allowed shown below and free recipes are available from our website. Continue to use your HCG patch, don't have a day where you don't have your patch on. Use as directed above and via the website and you will have no appetite.

During this phase you can expect to lose 1/2 - 2 pounds (1/4 - 1 kilo) of abnormal fat daily plus inches. That is 20-30 lb. (13 kilos) per month or two. You will see the weight loss daily and this will inspire you to keep at it. You may want more food (purely because you can't have it) but you won't be hungry.

Remember nothing tastes as good as skinny feels; don't ever give up for the sake of taste or habit. How badly do you want to be slender and healthy for life?

Say strongly to yourself often - "no poor me attitude resides in my life jack!"

Phase 3a: Low Calorie Diet - 3 days

Continue to follow the same 500 calorie diet as described in phase two without the aid of the patches. This allows the HCG to completely leave your system prior to re-introducing normal foods back into your diet. This phase also makes your weight loss stable and sets the hypothalamus.

Phase 3b: Maintenance Phase - 3 weeks

Re-sets your hypothalamus and stops you from putting the weight on again.

The fun part: For the next three weeks you will gradually re-introduce healthy foods that weren't allowed in the previous phases back into your diet, until you reach a normal calorie intake level. You won't be using the HCG patches.

Note you need to keep this stabilization phase of your diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates for three weeks. This means no starches or sugars.

High protein includes - Meat, poultry, sea foods, game, unprocessed nuts, beans, eggs, cheese, butter, cream, cottage cheese, fruit, vegetables, real yogurt, and milk. Only eat when you are hungry.

Bad carbohydrates & Starches include: Potatoes. Sweet potato. All breads, all sugar, candy, pasta, all flours, commercial cereals, sugary soda, sweets, ice cream, all takeaway foods etc. Do eat at all many of these foods are addictive.

Carbohydrates stimulate insulin and insulin puts blood sugar into fat storage. The secret to keeping slim is to mainly eat low good-carbohydrates for life. Also wheat and sugar are addictive and build yeast imbalances, digestive problems like a leaky gut and toxic build up: Your 500 calorie diet will rid you of these addictions. As you increase your diet to normal levels avoid high amounts of starches and sugars this is the best time to condition the body to a new healthy long-term lifestyle diet.

Start Maintenance patches at this stage if desired. Wear one patch for 5 days only. Mon-Fri. Don't wear on weekends. Start a new patch each Monday. See website for details. One sheet of 8 patches lasts 2 months.

Cheating - It is so not worth it. It takes away precious losing time. You may not see the effects of cheating the scale immediately however you will see it within a few days. You could waste a week of dieting and weight loss for one cheat episode. Keep reminding yourself it's a short time to be on a diet. Keep celebrating what you have lost. Rub the patch. Keep reading the website for support.



This diet has been proven to work over many years and for many thousands of patients via Dr Simmons. It works if you follow it to the letter. If you think you can make changes to it and still lose weight you will be sadly disappointed. Be committed to you.

Remember, you are only eating 500 calories a day, but you are still getting the normal amount of calories a day you need to be healthy and active, because the rest of your calorie needs comes from your own abnormal and unwanted fat.

After a few days of adjusting to this diet you will feel fantastic, calm, well and will sleep deeply. Also feel happy, successful and motivated - Amazing person that you are - as you see daily weight loss on the scales as well as in your clothing becoming loser.